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The faculty and professional unions that comprise the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) are speaking out in opposition to the Board of Regents’ so-called "Students First" proposal

Stonington, CT – Members of AFSCME Local 1996, the union representing Stonington public school paraprofessionals, are rallying around a local student and her family in their determined fight

Originally published in CT News Junkie, March 5, 2017.

March is Women’s History Month, when we honor the vital role women have played in shaping our country. It’s a time for recognizing the strides we’ve made on gender equality and for resolving to correct the injustices that persist.

By Rudy Demiraj
Published in CT News Junkie, Feb. 5, 2017

Listening to the constant attacks and criticisms of Connecticut state employees compelled me to write on behalf of the brave and courageous men and women who work alongside me at the Connecticut Department of Correction.

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New Britain, CT, Jan. 24, 2017 – The union representing North Branford town employees is critical of discussions that could lead to the outsourcing of dispatch operations to Branford.

Council 4 Executive Director Sal Luciano expressed doubt that shuttering North Branford’s dispatch center will provide savings or improve public safety.