The State Employee Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) and the Lamont administration officially reached a stipulated agreement regarding telework.

The Council 4 PEOPLE Statewide Steering Committee has new leadership.

Behind our union’s newly christened Cameron Wilson Children’s Library – a place for members’ children to sit and read a labor story or play games while their parents attend to union business at Cou

Stewards are the backbone and key to strong unions. Every day, they are the union people members most often see when they are at work. With the motivation to help strengthen judicial worksites and member communication, mobilization, and education, AFSCME Local 749, representing Connecticut judicial and criminal justice employees, hosted a stewards training.

On June 18th, 30 members attended the full-day training at the Local 749 office in Meriden. Council 4 Service Representative, Rudy Demiraj, led the training with Local 749 President, Ron Nelson, assisting. 

A year after unionizing, Ledyard Public School paraprofessionals have secured their first collective bargaining agreement.

Members of AFSCME Local 784, consisting of roughly 100 paraprofessionals, voted 52-1 in favor of the four-year agreement reached with the Ledyard Board of Education. The new contract, which went into effect July 1, 2021, provides Ledyard paras with annual general wage increases of .50, including retroactive pay, additional sick days, and paid holidays.

The future just got a little brighter – and a little more affordable – for recent high school graduates Zachary Jahn and Bryanna Vanderburgh, winners of the first-ever Council 4 Education Scholarships.

Zachary and Bryanna are ready to take the next step toward their higher education, with the momentum of the $2,000 annual award – renewable for up to four years – behind them.

July 6:
SEBAC Files Suit Over Administration's Failure To Abide by Telework Agreement

On Tuesday, July 6th Council 4 in concert with SEBAC, filed a motion seeking a temporary injunction requiring the State to abide by the fully executed temporary telework agreement. 

The intersection of union representation, political action and community engagement could be found in Hartford on June 18, when the NP-3 State Clerical Bargaining Unit hosted its annual Stewards Recognition and Training event.

Members of the NP-3 unit – comprised of Locals 196, 318, 478, 610 and 704 – shared their experiences about a successful four-part stewards training provided by Council 4 and conducted via zoom.

Jessica Pirt of Local 318 said the training was a valuable learning tool.

Organized labor’s determination to help essential workers who were made sick on the job by COVID-19 has led to the creation of the Connecticut Essential Workers COVID-19 Assistance Fund.

During the budget implementer session in mid-June, state legislators finalized the inclusion of $34 million to establish this fund to assist potentially thousands of essential workers who contracted the novel coronavirus on the job through no fault of their own.

The cloud of COVID-19 hung heavily over the 2021 legislative session, both literally and figuratively, by the time the Connecticut General Assembly adjourned on June 9.

Despite the State Capitol remaining closed to lobbyists and members of the public, due to COVID-19, this year’s session brought several noteworthy successes that will benefit Council 4 members and working people across the state.

Fueled by the efforts of Council 4 members and staff, the state legislature voted to extend limited post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI) coverage under workers compensation to correctional employees, EMS workers, public safety dispatchers and health workers.

The bill, SB 660, has been sent to the governor’s desk for his signature.