It’s not a secret that drug prices in the United States are rising much faster than inflation.

The “Never Quit” attitude of AFSCME members was on full display in the Town of Ellington on June 10, when the heroic actions of three Department of Public Works employees saved the life of their co

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AFSCME members have long known one big advantage of joining a union: better wages.

Denise Stevenson, a 33-year veteran of state government and a second generation union member, is not reticent about extolling the virtues of pensions.

“I think that everyone should be entitled to have a pension if you work in the United States,” she said. “A pension is not a fringe benefit. It’s a right.”

Stevenson is a Unit Supervisor for the State Department of Social Services. In addition to serving as a union steward, she is also an Executive Board member of Local 704 (NP-3 Clerical Bargaining Unit).

The birth of a baby is a blessed event, but it can be stressful, too.

Melissa Prosco of AFSCME Local 2863 (Hamden Town Employees and School Crossing Guards) experienced both ends of the spectrum when she and her husband Matthew recently welcomed their second son Aaron into the world.

Thanks to her union, Melissa and her family are in full blessing mode.

Prosco, a school crossing guard, experienced complications with her pregnancy that necessitated Caesarian section surgery and a nearly week-long hospital stay.

There’s no avoiding the reality of what’s happening to our environment. Without mitigating measures global climate change will have significant negative economic, environmental and fiscal implications for state and local governments (and the jobs they provide), as well as our communities and residents.

On Sept. 11, 2001, we as a nation faced a tragedy unique in our history. And we promised each other to never forget — never forget those who lost their lives or those who put their lives on the line to save others.

Labor unions are continuing to gain momentum, with the latest proof coming from a new Gallup poll, which shows that 64 percent of Americans approve of unions, a near 50-year high.

More and more people, regardless of political party, view unions as essential to levelling the playing field, providing economic security and unrigging a system that’s for too long favored the wealthy and powerful.

What do you do when your employer reneges on a promised bonus?

You hope that you have a union to represent you. And if you do, you ask that union to fight on your behalf.

That’s what happened in Vernon, where members of AFSCME Local 818-018, the Town Professionals Union, worked with Council 4 to secure a ruling that will ultimately get them the $500 bonus to which they are legally entitled.

The 19 presidential candidates who participated in the AFSCME Public Service Forum on Saturday disagreed on a range of topics, but they all agreed on one issue – our country needs a federal law that expands and protects collective bargaining rights for all public service workers.