Legislation & Politics

Working men and women have strength in numbers.

The goal of Council 4's legislative and political efforts is organizing that strength to win good pay, health care, retirement security and a real voice on the job for our members. That's why we have an active presence in state and local politics : to protect the services we provide to the public, and to ensure our rights and our dignity while doing our jobs.

In addition, by mobilizing through the union’s state-level and nationwide get-out-the-vote effort, union members can elect candidates who support and will enact an agenda that protects our pay and benefits, our rights and our futures (and stop anti-worker candidates).

For any questions on our legislative agenda, or to get involved our legislative action efforts, please contact our Legislative and Political Directors:

Brian Anderson
860-224-4000, x3825
[email protected]

Zak Leavy
860-224-4000, 3875
[email protected]