Council 4 Staff Directory

To reach Council 4 staff, please call (860) 224-4000 and use our dial-by-name directory. You can also email us by clicking on the names below.

Council 4 Staff 
Jody Barr, Executive Director, [email protected]
Troy Raccuia, Chief of Staff/Director of Collective Bargaining, [email protected]
Kelly Martinez, Director of Organizing & Member Services, [email protected]
Amy O'Connor, Director of Operations, [email protected]
Megan Batchelder, Secretary to the Executive Director, [email protected]

Staff Representatives: 
Anthony Bento, [email protected]**
Travis Cromack, [email protected]
Neal Cunningham, [email protected]
Lorin Dafoe, [email protected]**
Emily Demicco, [email protected]
John DeVito, [email protected]

Sean Hendricks, [email protected]**
Joshua Herbst, [email protected]
Tricia Johnson, [email protected]**
Paul Lavallee, [email protected]
John Miller, [email protected]
Lisa McKinnon, [email protected]
Robert Montuori, [email protected]
Brett Owen, [email protected]
Charles Paris, [email protected]
Cherlyn Poindexter, [email protected]
Roberta Price, [email protected]
Troy Raccuia, [email protected]
Kelly Rommel, [email protected]**
Patrick Sampson, [email protected]
Tricia Santos, [email protected]
Scott Soares, [email protected]
Jason Wells, [email protected]

**Staff Representative/Attorney

Service Representatives: 
Steven Carbone, [email protected]
John Cole, [email protected]
Steve Curran, [email protected]
Rudy Demiraj, [email protected]
Alex Guzman, [email protected]
Renee Hamel, [email protected]

Luke Leone, [email protected]
Bonnie Liedtke, [email protected]
Heather Longo-Racicot, [email protected]
Bob Parziale, [email protected]
Eddie Perez, [email protected]
Joe Stone, [email protected]

Education Coordinator
Joseph Aresimowicz,  [email protected]

Legislative & Political Coordinators
Brian Anderson, [email protected]
Zak Leavy, [email protected]

Union Organizer/Political Activist
Tyrell Alexander, [email protected]
Mike Tuthill, [email protected]

Information Technology Coordinator
Jonny Dailey,  [email protected]

Communications Coordinator
Larry Dorman, [email protected]

Nancy Sewell, Research Assistant, [email protected]
Carla Simmons, Technical Information Specialist, [email protected]

Assistant Financial Coordinators: 
Marge Baran, Assistant Financial Coordinator, [email protected]
Diane Trifone, Assistant Financial Coordinator, [email protected]

Stephanie Wise, Administrative Coordinator, [email protected]

Betsey Grady, Administrative Assistant, [email protected]