Local 704's Denise Stevenson: "Everyone Should Have A Pension"

Denise Stevenson, a 33-year veteran of state government and a second generation union member, is not reticent about extolling the virtues of pensions.

“I think that everyone should be entitled to have a pension if you work in the United States,” she said. “A pension is not a fringe benefit. It’s a right.”

Stevenson is a Unit Supervisor for the State Department of Social Services. In addition to serving as a union steward, she is also an Executive Board member of Local 704 (NP-3 Clerical Bargaining Unit).

 Working in DSS affords Stevenson an up close and personal view of the struggles facing working families in Connecticut – workers with jobs that don’t meet their basic needs for things like medical and retirement benefits.

While she loves her job, helping Connecticut people access vital benefits has deepened her appreciation of union representation.

“We need to build each other up,” she observed. “As union members we should galvanize and help [unorganized workers] have a union.”

Stevenson is especially passionate about the importance of protecting and expanding retirement security at a time when corporate and wealthy special interests are spending millions to destroy defined benefit plans.

Check out what Denise has to say by clicking on this video from the Connecticut Coalition for Retirement Security, an affiliate of the National Public Pension Coalition