Introducing AFSCME Labor Lab - Steward Fundamentals!

In addition to Council-hosted trainings, the AFSCME Education and Leadership Training Department is launching the AFSCME Labor Lab, which will provide high-quality training and leadership development for AFSCME leaders, stewards and staff, allowing them to enhance their union activism anywhere, at any time.

To kick off this launch, AFSCME is introducing five modules in a self-paced course titled "Steward Fundamentals." This course will benefit both new and existing stewards, covering topics such as The Steward as Organizer, 5 Steps of Grievance Handling, Solving Workplace Problems with Worker Power, Weingarten Rights, and the Duty of Fair Representation. Additional topics will be added in the coming months.

To access the courses, leaders and stewards must go to and create a new user account. To help you promote this opportunity, we have linked fliers in both English and Spanish and are including two videos:

Video: Welcome: How to Navigate and Complete Course

Video: Create a New Account: Start Learning with AFSCME Labor Lab

If you have any questions or require assistance in getting started, please don't hesitate to reach out to Kelly Martinez, Council 4 Director of Organizing and Member Services at [email protected]g or to AFSCME's team at [email protected].