Council 4 on U.S. Capitol Riot and Protest: Unions Can Point The Way Forward

Council 4 Executive Director Jody Barr issued the following comment to Council 4 Presidents, Executive Board members and Delegates tonight (Jan. 7):

Sisters and Brothers:

It’s important that we talk briefly about the events of the last 24 hours. 

Our union cherishes democracy. We listen to our members. Let's not forget that despite the ugliness of the riots, Congress listened to the voters. Congress -- Republicans, Democrats and Independents -- certified Joe Biden as our next president.

As Connecticut’s largest labor union, we need to focus on the fundamentals. Collective bargaining unites us so we can lift up our members and the unorganized. But corporate conservatives are on the attack in Connecticut. They want to destroy our right to bargain for health care and retirement. They want to privatize public services wholesale. They want to wreck the middle class that we built. They won't succeed if we stay alert and active through our union. We must hold our elected leaders accountable. We must demand they tackle the pandemic and protect the working class.

I know things seem dark. But we will get through this together because we are a union. We are diverse and we are strong. We represent the best of Connecticut and the best of this country. Thank you. 

Updated: Council 4 Comments on Tragic Death of DC Police Officer Brian Sicknick

"Officer Brian Sicknick was 42 years old, a military veteran who served two overseas tours in the war on terror. He then served in the US Capitol Police for 12 years. He made the ultimate sacrifice this week, protecting legislators and essential workers inside our Nation’s Capitol. Many other Officers were crushed and beaten by a violent mob. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Officer Sicknick and the officers who are still recovering."

Jody Barr, Executive Director
Amy O'Connor, Chief of Staff
Troy Raccuia, Director of Collective Bargaining
Kelly Martinez, Director of Organizing