Council 4 Members: "Be Counted. Complete the 2020 Census."

For Council 4 AFSCME members, our families, and our communities, the 2020 Census is a "Big Deal."  

Every 10 years, the Census determines how the government allocates funding and resources for vital programs and services. If your community is under-counted, that could affect the money allocated for your job and the services you provide. 

The Census also helps fund hospitals, schools, roads and other infrastructure we depend on every day. And it ensures everyone has fair representation and helps us elect leaders who support people in public service.

Connecticut receives about $10.7 billion in federal aid based on the census, which supports more than 55 programs including food stamps, Medicaid and transportation projects.

Our state also stands to lose $2,900 in federal funding for every person not counted.

That's why Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz joined Council 4 members in a video featured on this page and on our union podcast to stress the importance of participating in the Census.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has made one thing crystal clear, it’s that investing in public services is the only way to keep our communities safe and our country strong. The coronavirus has turned all our lives upside down.

AFSCME members are on the front lines every day keeping our communities healthy and safe. We must fight tooth and nail for the resources we need to keep public services moving. We must have the staff, the support, the equipment and the funding to do our jobs.

So far, over 50 percent of Connecticut residents in our state have already self-responded since the count began in mid-March. Lifting up those numbers is a priority for our union. 

Be Counted!  Complete the 2020 Census.

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