Mobilizing for the 2019 Municipal Elections

Council 4 is gearing up for the 2019 municipal elections on Nov. 5, 2019.

This is our opportunity to elect pro-union candidates to local offices, from Town Councils and Boards of Selectmen to Boards of Education and Boards of Finance.

Through our member-led PEOPLE Committee, we have interviewed and recommended candidates who share our values and have pledged to respect collective bargaining and workers' rights in their local communities.

  • Click here (or scroll down) for the complete list of candidates endorsed by the Council 4 Delegate Assembly on Oct. 10, 2019.
  • Click here for a list of upcoming Labor-to-Labor Candidate Walks.

A note on process: Candidates seeking Council 4's endorsement must first complete a questionnaire focused on issues relevant to our members and our communities. Candidates then participate in candidate interviews conducted by members of our union's political action committee, better known as PEOPLE (Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislative Equality).

Our statewide PEOPLE Committee puts together a final list of recommendations for endorsement for consideration by the Council 4 Delegate Assembly, which votes to approve or reject those recommendations. 

To learn more, and get involved in supporting pro-union candidates at the local level, please contact Council 4 Political Advocates Brian Anderson or Zak Leavy.

2019 Candidate Endorsements:

*=Council 4 Union Member or Retiree

1st Congressional District:
East Hartford:
Angie Parkinson (D) – Town Council

James Sanchez*. (D) – City Council
Wildaliz Bermudez (WFP) – Council
T.J. Clarke (D) – Council
Moise Laurent (WFP) – Council

Karen Pagliaro (D) – Mayor
Michael Urrunaga (D) – Council

Patricia Davis* (D) –Board of Education

Jay Moran* (D) – Mayor
Tim Bergin (D) – Board of Directors
Yolanda Castillo (D) – Bd. of Directors
Pamela Floyd Cranford* (D) – Bd. of Directors
Sarah Jones (D) – Bd. of Directors
Dennis Schain (D) – Bd. of Directors
Emily Luna (D) – Bd. of Education
Warren Packer (D) – Constable

John Barry (D) — Council
Caleb Cowles* (D) —Planning & Zoning

West Hartford
Carol Anderson Blanks (D) – Town Council
Liam Sweeney (D) –Council
Ben Wenograd (D) – Council

Lisa Bress (D) – Town Council
Joe McAuliffe* (D) – Council

2nd Congressional District:
Mary Bylone (D) – First Selectman
Rosemary Coyle (D) – Board of Selectmen
Denise Turner (D) – Board of Selectmen
Mary Tomasi (D) – Board of Education
Mike Egan (D) – Board of Finance
Michael Hayes (D) - Board of Finance
Christos Stravoradis (D) – Board of Assessment

Sandy Simon (D) – Town Council
Lisa Conant (D) – Council
Jon Hand (D) – Council
Lisa Thomas - (D)- Council
Carolyn Arabolos (D)  – Council

Bob Cressotti (D) – Town Council
Gina Cekala (D) – Council
Cynthia Mangini (D) – Council

Aundre Bumgardner (D) – Town Council

Hilary Evans (D) – Town Council

Toni Moran (D) – Town Council
Ben Shaiken (D) – Council
Denise Gladue (D) – Council

New London:
Mike Passero (D) – Mayor

Mark Bettencourt* (D) – City Council
Ella Myles (D) –Council
Joseph DeLucia – Council
Zato Kadambaya (D) – Council
Shane Roberts (D) – Council
Derell Wilson (D) – Council

Gloria Marion (D) – Selectman, 51st District

Cathy Osten (D)  – First Selectman

Jim Tedford* (R) – Town Council
Rachel Stansel (D) – Council
Ann Bonney* (D) – Council
Julia Anderson (D) – Council
Maryann Levesque (D) – Council
Jesse Schoolnik (D) – Council
Jennifer Buckler (D) – Board of Education
Kevin Brown (D) - Board of Education

Elizabeth Sabilia (D) – First Selectman
Joshua Steele-Kelly(D) – Town Council

Tom DeVivo (D) – Town Council
Cindy Laquire* (D) – Council
Lynne Ide (D) – Board of Education

3rd Congressional District:
Rohan Brown* (D) — Board of Aldermen

East Haven
Kim Glassman (D) — Town Council

Rhonda Caldwell (D) — Town Council
Laurie Sweet (D) — Council

Sebastian Giuliano (R) —Mayor
Meghan Carta (D) —City Council
Anthony Gennaro* (R) — Council 
Hope Kasper* — (R) Council
Mike Marino* — (R) Council
Philip Pessina* — (R) Council
Matthew Scarrozzo (R) — Council

West Haven
Nancy Rossi (D) — Mayor

4th Congressional District:
Mary Evette Brantley* (D) — City Council
Dasha Spell (Working Families Party) —Board of Education

Harry Rilling (D) – Mayor

5th Congressional District:
Chris Setaro (D) – Mayor

Catherine Battista (D) – City Council
Yvonne Jimenez (D) – City Clerk
Mike Reynolds (D) – Board of Education

New Britain
Erin Stewart (R) – Mayor
Daniel Salerno* (D) – City Council
Michael Thompson* (R) – Council

New Milford
Tom O’Brien (D) — Mayor 

Bill Garrity (D) – Town Council