Council 4 Update: Anthem-Hartford Health Care Dispute Continues

Oct. 20, 2017 -- Nearly two weeks have gone by, and there is still no agreement in the contract dispute between Anthem and Hartford Healthcare. Those of you covered by Anthem should have received a letter from both corporations and from the Comptroller's office explaining the situation.

  • Click here for Comptroller Lembo’s letter dated Sept. 30, 2017.
  • Click here for the Comptroller's update on the dispute dated Oct. 18, 2017.

The dispute between the companies has caused disruptions and raised questions.

As of now, those of us with Anthem POS or POE will be charged "out-of-network" rates for Hartford Healthcare hospitals, facilities, and providers. For Anthem HMO participants, there are no out-of-network services, meaning, there is no insurance coverage at Hartford Healthcare facilities.

This DOES NOT apply to emergency situations. All emergency situations will still be covered.

If you are unsure whether your next doctor's visit will be covered by Anthem as "in-network", you can contact your doctor or call the Member Services number on the back of your insurance card: 1-800-922-2232. You can also click on for Anthem’s provider participation status updates.

Also, if you are receiving prenatal or active treatment for an acute or chronic condition, click here to submit a Continuation of Care form.

This dispute does not negate the need to complete HEP requirements by 12/31/17, although the labor-management Health Care Cost Containment Committee will examine extenuating/mitigating circumstances.

HCCCC is also pushing Anthem to set up a dedicated hotline number to assist members who are experiencing disruptions or have questions caused by the lack of an agreement.

Council 4 will continue to monitor the dispute between Anthem and Hartford Healthcare, and report back with any updates.

UPDATE: Oct. 23, 2017
The Comptroller's Office has reached out to other preferred providers who can offer the primary care and other services that you may need.

You will experience no copay if you see these primary care providers. If you or family members have preventive HEP requirements that you need to meet this year, the providers listed below have set up central hotlines for scheduling appointments.

UCONN Health:
HEP Appointment Line: 860-679-0199 or Toll Free 1-844-577-7055
General Service: 860-679-3199

ProHealth Physicians: 1-855-CTMD-411

St Francis Healthcare Partners: (860) 714- 7364

Starling Physicians: 860-258-3480 ext. 2008