2021 Candidate Endorsements

Your fellow Council 4 members endorsed the following candidates for the municipal election on Tues., Nov. 2nd. Endorsement decisions are made through review of candidate questionnaires and interviews. 

**Denotes endorsed candidate is a Council 4 member or retiree.

Congressional District 1

Jack Fazzino (D) - Town Council
Mike Urrunaga (D) - Town Council
Melissa Urrunaga (D) - Police Commission**

Greg Hahn (D) - City Council District 1
Brittany Barney (D) - City Council District 3
Mary Fortier (D) - City Council District 3

East Hartford
Mike Walsh (D) - Mayor
Angie Parkinson (D) - Town Council
Annabelle Diaz (D) - Board of Education
John Murphy (D) - Treasurer

Jessee Muniz Poland (D) - Board of Directors
Tim Bergin (D) - Board of Directors
Sarah Jones (D) - Board of Directors
Jay Moran (D) - Board of Directors**
Dennis Schain (D) - Board of Directors
David Eisenthal, Board of Education
Pamela Floyd Cranford (D) - Board of Education**
Darryl Thames (D) - Clerk

Jim Tripp (D) - First Selectman

*Please note that Local 1303-057, Portland Public Works Union, does NOT support the Council's endorsement of Jim Tripp.

Caleb Cowles (D) - Planning and Zoning**.

West Hartford
Carol Anderson Blanks (D) - Town Council
Ben Wenograd (D) - Town Council
Liam Sweeney (D) - Town Council
Leon Davidoff (D) - Town Council

Congressional District 2

Mary Bylone, Selectman
Rosemary Coyle, Selectman
Denise Turner, Selectman
Amy Domeika, Board of Ed
Joanne Rose, Board of Education
Bernie Dennler, Board of Finance
Scott Chapman, Board of Finance

Marty Milkovic, Council
Matthew Kyer, Council
Robyn Gallagher, Council
Jon Hand, Council

Doug Finger, Council**
Matthew Despard, Council District 3
Robert Cressotti, Council
Cynthia Mangini, Council
Gina Cekala, Council
Nicholas Hopkins, Council District 4**

Michael Hewko, Council
Joseph Zornado, Council
Jennifer Horner, Board of Education**
Lacey Luneau, Board of Education

Mark Bettencourt, Mayor**
Derrell Wilson, Council
Joe Delucia, Council
Ella Myles, Council
Swarnjit Singh, Council
Kevin Saythany, Board of Ed

Jim Tedford, Council**
Maryann Levesque, Council
Dennis Plevyak, Council
Kevin Brown, Board of Education

Nick Gauthier, RTM District 1
Laurie Wolfley, Board of Education
Kristin Gonzalez, RTM District 2

Congressional District 3

Rohan Brown, Alderman District 4**

East Haven
Kim Glassman, Council District 1

West Haven
Rosa Richardson, Board of Education**
Nancy Rossi, Mayor

Congressional District 4

Harry Rilling, Mayor

Congressional District 5

Roberto Alves, Mayor

Audrey Blondin, Board of Assessment Appeals

Yvette Cortez, Council District 1**
Steven O’Donnell, Board of Education

Dayna Snell, Board of Education**
Benjamin Geddiman, Council

Keri Hoehne, Council
Glenn McLeod, Public Safety Commissioner

Kaitlyn Styles, Council

** = Council 4 Member or RetireE

If you are interested in being involved in Council 4's PEOPLE committee or would like more information, contact Council 4 political coordinators Brian Anderson 860-690-2597 & Zak Leavy 860-989-9116.