2018 Council 4 Legislative Agenda

The General Assembly convenes Feb. 7, 2018 and adjourns May 9, 2018.

We're calling on lawmakers to do more to level the playing field for workers and create an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. 

At the same time, we  must anticipate continued and deliberate attacks on the hardworking public and private sector employees we represent, despite the billions of dollars in concessions made by unionized workers to stabilize state and local economies.

We will work with the Connecticut AFL-CIO and allies to further our mission of rebuilding the middle class, strengthening workers' rights and creating fiscal stability in a fair manner.

Collective Bargaining & Workers’ Rights:

  • Ensure legislative approval of any collective bargaining agreements, including our new Public Defenders’ and DCF Manager’s units.
  • Oppose changes that harm the ability of state and municipal unions to bargain over wages, health care and retirement.
  • Ensure neutrality – i.e., preventing employer interference, on organizing drives for public and private sector employees
  • Oppose “Right to Work for Less,” and other schemes to weaken collective bargaining rights.

Protecting/Expanding Workers’ Benefits:

  • Restore Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) coverage under Connecticut’s Workers Compensation laws.
  • Oppose any increases in employee contributions to the Municipal Employee Retirement System (MERS).
  • Incentivize municipalities to join the Connecticut Healthcare Partnership 2.0, which allows cities and towns to join the state health care plan.
  • Establish paid family and medical leave for all Connecticut workers.

Fair Taxes to Protect the Middle Class:

  • Restore taxes on the ultra-rich; close corporate tax loopholes; and close the “carried interest” loophole that enables hedge fund managers to pay less in taxes.
  • Charge large, profitable corporations like Wal-Mart a fee for every employee paid under $15/hour to offset the cost of taxpayer funded subsidies for those workers.

Safeguarding Taxpayers:

  • Prevent reckless outsourcing of public sector work by strengthening accountability and transparency and requiring cost-benefit analyses.
  • Forbid loans, grants or other economic development to companies that have behave irresponsibly by laying off workers, eliminating pensions, reducing health care, etc.

Invest In Our Future:

  • Provide free higher education at public universities to high-achieving Connecticut students so they will continue to learn, live and work here.

**This agenda does not include priorities that individual bargaining units will pursue with Council 4.

Click here for a summary of Council 4's agenda and stay tuned for developments.