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AFSCME's specialized training gives our members the tools to protect public services and taxpayers.

Council 4 members are standing up to the attacks on workers and the middle class.

Election Day is Nov. 4. Learn about our efforts to prevent a "Wisconsin moment" from happening in Connecticut and find out how you can get involved.

Senator Warren has a message for AFSCME members. While Senator Warren is not on a ballot this November, she reminds us why it’s so important that we get out to vote this fall.


Get the latest state employee updates on pensions, health care and other related issues.
Recent Updates:
2014 HEP Clinic Schedule (Oct. 2014)
Anthem-Hartford Health Care Dispute (Sept. 2014)
Rowland Lawsuit Update (Aug. 2014)
Raises, Pay Scales In Effect July 1, 2014

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