About Us

We are AFSCME Local 387

AFSCME Local 387 represents 800 front-line state prison employees in the Cheshire Correctional Complex -- Cheshire CCI, Manson Youth Institute, Central Transportation Unit, Maloney Center for Training and Staff Development and Correctional Canine Unit.

Our bargaining unit includes Correctional Officers, Correctional Counselors, Correctional Treatment Officers, Correctional Maintenance Officers, Correctional Industries Supervisors, Correctional Food Service Supervisors, Correctional Commissary Officers and Correctional Transporation Officers.

AFSCME Local 387 Officers & Stewards

Executive Board Officers:

President- Rudy Demiraj- CCI                    860-406-1314             [email protected]

Vice President - Aaron Lichwalla-MYI        203-509-0321           [email protected]

Treasurer - Jeremie St.Pierre-CCI               203-675-7508           [email protected] 

Secretary - Virginia Pagoni-Ligi-CCI           203-509-2531            [email protected]

Executive Board Members:

Sean Howard- CCI                                       860-593-4275            [email protected]

Robert Courchesne-CCI                               203-499-8310           [email protected]

Gavin Zambruski-CCI                                   203-525-9261           [email protected]                                   

Central Transportation Unit (South) Steward:

Phillip Browne                                             203-676-4882            [email protected]

Chris Proctor                                               860-919-1241            [email protected] 

Cheshire Correctional Institution – Correction Officer Stewards:

Tom Dicarlo- CCI                                         203-910-1428            [email protected]

Dan Gaudiosi- CCI                                       860-309-9430            [email protected]mail.com

Armand Mendez- CCI                                   203-537-9872           [email protected]                                    

Correctional Counselor Stewards:

Vanessa Fitzner-Brone – CCI                       860-398-1877            [email protected]

Shelley Demora-MYI                                    860-919-8018              [email protected]

Commissary Officer Steward:

Joseph Pereira- CCI                                    860-965-2604             [email protected] 

Maintenance Officer Stewards:

Fevzi Hursid- CCI                                    203-996-5665               [email protected]

Ron Lamoreux, Jr.- CCI                           860-681-0390               [email protected]

Joseph Zimmitti- CCI                              860-508-0155               [email protected]

Ryan Osakowicz-MYI                              860-899-8845               [email protected]

MYI- Correctional Officer Stewards:

Alberto Cortes                                       860-805-4728                [email protected]

Greg Cwalina                                         860-202-0611                [email protected]

Franco Pannofino                                  860-309-8430                [email protected]

Brian Larson                                          203-917-2374                [email protected]

Mike Zotti                                             203-606-2967                 [email protected]


Fezi Hursid-CCI

Joseph Zimmitti- CCI

Tom Dicarlo-CCI