About Us

We are AFSCME Local 1716

AFSCME Local 1716 represents 600 workers in the City of Hartford, the Hartford Public Library and the XL Center in Hartford.  We are affiliated with AFSCME Council 4,  which represents 30,000 workers across Connecticut; and AFSCME International in Washington,  DC., which represents 1.2 million workers nationwide.

Local 1716 members make Hartford happen. We seek dignity, respect and security at the bargaining table. Our work matters because it means something to make a community better.  Our members are highly skilled, dedicated individuals who are commited to providing quality services to residents and businesses in our city.  

If you have questions or want to learn more about Local 1716, please drop us a note at [email protected]


Vice President
Sargeant of Arms
District VP-Sanitation
District VP-City Hall
District Vice President-Parks
District Vice President-Library
District Vice President-Police & Fire
District VP-Health and Human Services
District Vice President-Public Works
District Vice President-XL Center