Historic SEBAC agreement is voted favorably out of the Senate floor

Following the bipartisan majority vote in the House Thursday, we are proud to see the Senate successfully vote for the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) contract.

The agreement, ratified by the members of all bargaining units, includes 35 collective bargaining unit contracts and covers approximately 43,000 state employees who provide invaluable services to the public.

This bipartisan, bicameral vote shows the General Assembly’s commitment to protecting the critical public services that Connecticut relies on.

Each of the 3.6 million residents in Connecticut rely on the critical public services state workers provide. Whether you are standing in line at the DMV, attending a technical school, community college or state university, getting treatment at UConn Health, driving on our roads and bridges, enjoying a state park or beach or any of the other ubiquitous public services, you will be uplifted by these fair and honorable contracts. 

“The Senate and House votes on the SEBAC agreement send an incredibly positive message to those of us on the front lines of public safety,” Amanda Tower, a correction officer and union steward for AFSCME Local 391, said.

“We are facing critical staffing shortages, mass retirements and losses of mid-career staff members while struggling to attract qualified candidates," she said. "This contract is about more than wages and lump sum payments. It’s about investing in our public servants--the people who make Connecticut happen. We’re grateful to the Senators and Representatives who recognized that and voted favorably.”

Council 4 is a member of the SEBAC constituent unions. For more info on SEBAC, chcek out the website.