Voting For Our Union Values on Nov. 6

Election Day is November 6, 2018. The stakes are higher than ever.

Council 4's legislative and political action program is geared toward defending our pay, benefits and voice on the job -- all of which are under attack by the same ultra-wealthy and corporate special interests that bankrolled the Janus v. AFSCME case, in which the Supreme Court nationalized "Right To Work For Less."

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Corporate conservative efforts to eliminate our collective bargaining rights -- state, municipal and private sector -- dominated the 2017-1018 General Assembly. Those attacks were coupled with a toxic state budget aimed at decimating public services at the state and local levels.

Protecting our collective bargaining rights requires us to "Remember in November." It's critically important to elect candidates who will support our rights and freedoms, and to defeat candidates who want to destroy those same rights and freedoms. 

Take a second to listen to Sue Goldman, a recently retired member of AFSCME Local 2422 (City of Norwich) about the importance of voting:

If you want to get involved in our #C4Votes2018 campaign, please contact: 
Brian Anderson at [email protected] or Zak Leavy at [email protected].

Be sure to provide your first & last name, local union name or number, & cell phone. Thank you.

This information is paid for by Council 4 and is intended for members of Council 4 unions only. It is not paid for or endorsed by any political party or candidate’s campaign.