Clinton Local Remembers Sandy Hook

AFSCME Local 1303-199 members at a dedication ceremony for the permanent Sandy Hook Memorial at Clinton Town Hall.

Members of AFSCME Local 1303-199, the Clinton Town Hall Employees Union, have established a permanent memorial to remember the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shootings and recognize first responders from Clinton who volunteered in the aftermath of the tragedy.

The memorial site outside Clinton Town Hall includes a flowering lilac tree the union planted last fall, along with a small bronze monument, and is located close to the Indian River boat dock. The tree will grow to 25 feet in height.

“Our union members feel that it is important to return something to our community every year,” said Local 1303-199 President Andrea Woliver, the town’s assistant tax assessor. “We wanted to create some kind of memorial so people could come here to contemplate and collect their thoughts. We felt it would be an appropriate way to remember the 26 lost souls and all the people who responded in some way to an epic tragedy.”

AFSCME Local 1303-199 represents 20 town employees in Clinton.