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"I have faith in AFSCME members"

NEW HAVEN – At a July 22 press conference on the steps of the New Haven Free Public Library, Mayoral candidate Toni Harp received the endorsement of Council 4.

The union, which has five locals in New Haven, represents 1,300 city employees, including librarians, school security officers, 911 operators, day care workers and clerical staff. Harp herself is a former AFSCME member, and union officials were proud to announce that they shared her vision for New Haven.

“Toni Harp has a proven record of standing up for the working families of New Haven by bringing people together. She’s been doing it for twenty years in Hartford and she’ll keep doing it in the Mayor’s Office,” said Claudine Wilkins-Chambers, President of Local 3429, one of the New Haven AFSCME locals.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of my former union. In order to make change we have to bring people together, and today we are joined by people whose days are spent keeping this city running. We need them to be part of any effort to make this city better,” said State Senator Toni Harp.

“Toni is one of us. I mean that literally – she’s a former ASFCME member – and figuratively, because it’s clear that her heart is with us and all of the working people of this city,” said Harold Brooks, a Council 4 AFSCME delegate from Local 3144. “She helped organize my union. She has always believed that organized labor ensures that residents receive high quality services and creates a pathway to the middle class for working families.”

State Sen. Toni Harp, center,welcomes our union's endorsement. Photo courtesy of New Haven Independent.

In June, Sen. Harp received the endorsement of the New Haven Central Labor Council, an umbrella organization with over 10,000 members in the New Haven area. Each union that is a part of the Central Labor Council, such as AFSCME, also makes its own endorsement.

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