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0% Cost Increase for State Health Plan

Comptroller Kevin Lembo, right, with members of AFSCME Local 355 (State Clerical).

Comptroller Kevin Lembo announced that state health care premiums will remain the same for Fiscal Year 2013 for all medical, pharmacy and dental plans serving state employees and retirees.

"While the rest of the United States is experiencing health care cost increases of more than 8 percent - twice the general rate of inflation – the state has managed to stabilize its rates with no increase,” Lembo said. “This is a strong signal that state health care initiatives to improve preventive care - and ensure more quality care - are paying off.

Lembo will continue to work with the Office of Policy Management and the state employee unions over the next few weeks to determine the total health care appropriation necessary for employee and retiree health care.

Lembo said initiatives that have likely contributed to controlled health care costs include:

  • An increase in utilization of primary care physicians following the implementation of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) initiative last year and the Health Enhancement Program, both designed to ensure that state employees and retirees receive better oversight by their primary care physicians and regular preventive care and screenings.
  • Lower emergency room visits as a result of this better primary care coordination and through the Health Enhancement Program’s co-pay structure that seeks to stop unnecessary emergency room admissions.
  • Pharmacy initiatives that have reduced prescription drug costs and enabled the state to receive increased federal support.

"This news also reinforces the benefits for municipalities and boards of education joining the state plan - through the CT Partnership Plan that my office launched this month," Lembo said. "The state’s rate stability is one of several potential benefits and savings that towns can achieve by joining the CT Partnership Plan.

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