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Public Employees Weather The Storm

Joe Cirigliano, president of Local 2930 of Council 4 (Town of Newington)

Most of us get to stay inside and warm when harsh winter storms hit Connecticut, occasionally venturing out to shovel our driveways.

Public service workers like Joe Cirigliano, on the other hand, recently logged 21 consecutive hours in a snow plow clearing up to two feet of snow from Newington’s residential street and town properties.

Cirigliano is a public works employee and president of Local 2930 of Council 4, which represents Newington town workers.

“I’m really proud of the way town workers responded to the storm,” Cirigiliano said. “It’s our job as public employees to keep the streets clear and safe for residents and businesses.”

Cirigliano has been on the job for 8.5 years. “I’m proud to serve Newington. I live in this town and raised my family here. Doing the job right and efficiently matters to me.”

A registered Republican, Cirigliano has little patience for politicians and others who have jumped on the anti-public employee bandwagon.

“People are playing the blame game,” he said. “All I know is, we didn’t create these economic problems, but we’re the ones you can count on to take care of your town no matter what the weather.”

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