2017 Council 4 Endorsements

The 2017 municipal election season is here. The general election day is Nov. 7, 2017.

Getting engaged in the municipal election cycle and electing good pro-labor candidates at the local level will help us continue to fight back against an anti-worker agenda. 

It's an opportunity to protect our municipal brothers and sisters from short-sighted cuts made by anti-worker politicians.

Click here for a list of candidates recommended for endorsement by the Council 4 Delegate Assembly. (You can also scroll down for the list.)

The importance of local engagement was evident in Bristol in 2015. Members of Local 2267 (Board of Education non-certified) mobilized to elect a worker-friendly majority that promptly put an end to the costly and failed effort to privatize school cafeteria services. 

Council 4 has geared up for the election through our PEOPLE Committee process, in which member volunteers interviewed prospective candidates and reviewed candidate questionnaires. (Click here for our 2017 candidate questionnaire.)

The Council 4 Delegate Assembly voted to approve endorsement recommendation at separate meetings on Sept. 1 and Oct. 13, 2017.

Want to learn more and get involved with helping to elect good candidates at the local level? Please contact our legislative action team of Brian Anderson at [email protected] or Zak Leavy at [email protected].

Council 4 Candidate Endorsements - 2017 Municipal Election

First Congressional District:

Ellen Zoppo-Sassu - Mayor 
Brittany Barney – City Council
Mary Fortier – City Council, Third District
Greg Hahn – City Council, First District
Peter Kelley – City Council Second District
John Medeiros – City Council, First District

Shonta’ Browdy – Board of Education

Jay Moran – Mayor 
Yolanda Castillo –Board of Directors 
Pamela Cranford – Board of Directors 
Peg Hackett –Board of Directors 
Sarah Jones, Board of Directors 
Jason Scappaticci –Board of Education
Melanie Stefanovicz – Board of Education 
Darryl Thames –Board of Education
Warren Packer – Constable


John Barry – Town Council
Carolyn Futtner – Town Council 
Dawn Miceli – Town Council 
John Moise – Town Council 
Kelly Morrissey –Town Council 
Christopher Palmieri – Town Council
Robert Brown –Board of Education 
Lisa Cammuso – Board of Education 
Zaya Oshana – Board of Education
Dagmara Scalise – Board of Finance

West Hartford:
Ben Wenograd – Town Council 

Second Congressional District:

Rosemary Coyle – Board of Selectmen


Carolyn G. Arabolos –Town Council 
Lisa Conant – Town Council 
John Hand –Town Council 
Sam Norman –Town Council 
Joan Lewis –Town Council

Thomas Arnone – Councilor at Large
Timothy Norris – Councilor at Large
Elizabeth Davis – Town Council
Marie Davis – Town Council, District 3
Stephen Niemitz – Town Council, District 1
Timothy Neville – Board of Education 
Tina LeBlanc – Board of Education 
Sarah Hernandez – Board of Education
Scott Ryder – Board of Education

Antonia Moran – Town Council
Ben Shaiken – Town Council

New London:
Alisha Blake – City Council 
Martha Marx – City Council
Jefferey Palmer Hart – Board of Education

Derrel Wilson – Mayor
Samuel Browning – City Council
Stephanie Burnham – City Council
Joseph DeLucia – City Council
Zato Kadambaya – City Council
Robert Phoenix – City Council
Kevin Saythany – City Council

Cathy Osten – First Selectman

James Tedford – Town Council *

Victor Funderburk – Mayor
Dawn Niles – Board of Selectman 
Dennis O’Brien – Town Council
Rose Reyes – Board of Selectman

Joshua Steele Kelly – Rep. Town Meeting, Dist 3 
Baird Welch-Collins – RTM, Dist 2
Deborah Roselli-Kelly – Board of Education

Third Congressional District:
New Haven:
Kimberly Edwards –Alder 
Sal DeCola –Alder
Dolores Colon –Alder
Evelyn Rodriguez –Alder *

Tina Manus – Town Council
Bieu Tran – Town Council

West Haven:
Nancy Rossi – Mayor
David Forsyth – City Council *

Fourth Congressional District:
Wanda Simmons – City Council
Howard Gardner – Board of Education
John Sokolovic – Board of Education

Harry Rilling – Mayor
John Igneri – Council
John Kydes – Council
Tom Livingston – Council
Bill Pappa – Council
Shirley Mosby – Board of Education

Fifth Congressional District:
Al Almeida – Mayor *

Bruce Fontanella – City Council
David Lowell – City Council 
Mike Reynolds – City Council

New Britain:
Daniel Salerno – City Council *

Peter Aduba – Mayor *

*Council 4 AFSCME Member