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Council 4 Retirees Talk Health Care Reform With Congressman Murphy

Congressman Murphy talks health care reform with Council 4 retirees.

The Council 4 AFSCME Union Retirees Chapter hosted a special health care reform meeting with Congressman Chris Murphy (D-5) on Sept. 3.

“Retired workers care deeply about the future of health care in our country, not only for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren,” said Council 4 Retiree Chapter President Lillian Sewell of Southington.

AFSCME retirees fired a wide range of questions at Murphy, but in contrast to other town hall meetings, there were no hysterics stirred up by insurance industry apologists or anti-government forces. He agreed with Retiree Chapter board member Lois O'Connor when she said, "Seniors are being frightened by the misinformation they're hearing."

Murphy answered questions on everything from the future of Medicare to the need for a public option alongside private insurance plans.

"A public plan will have to provide adequate converage and pay average rates (to medical providers)," Murphy explained. "That's the whole idea, to set up a level playing field so the public plan can compete with private insurance plans."

AFSCME retiree Doug Evans captured the spirit of the Retirees Chapter when he thanked Murphy for his efforts and told him, "Make something happen and make it happen now."


Congressman Chris Murphy and the Council 4 Retirees Executive Board.

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