Clerical Local 318 / State employees

Protesting Rell's Budget Cuts

State Rep. John Geragosian (D-25) speaks. Behind him are Glenn Chamberland, manager of a local Midas shop, and State Rep. Tim O'Brien (D-24).

Across the state, Council 4 members are joining with their legislators and community allies to protest Gov. Rell's "no tax" budget that calls for the closing of courthourse, DMV offices and technical high schools as well as cuts to education, services to the blind and disabled, state libraries and low-income health services.

On June 13, House Speaker Chris Donovan and area legislators gathered at the Department of Motor Vehicles' New Britain branch to decry Rell's latest budget plan, which include shuttering the 11-year-old office. The New Britain DMV is the agency's 4th largest branch in the state and served 165,000 citizens in 2007-08.

House Appropriations Co-Chair John Geragosian (D-New Britain) criticized Rell's budget cuts as "ill thought out," adding that "all we have to do is ask our wealthiest citizens to pay few pennies more in income tax [to save services]."

Glenn Chamberland, manager of a nearby Midas car care center, also criticized the proposed closing of the New Britain DMV, noting that his business suffers a large drop in clientele when the DMV office is closed on Mondays.

Members of Council 4 Local 196 (State Administrative-Clerical) work for the DMV.

Council 4 members and staff joined legislators in protesting the proposed closing of the New Britain DMV office.

All told, Rell's newest budget proposal calls for nearly $4 billion in cuts and $300 million in fee increases, but no tax increases on Connecticut's wealthiest citizens and no closing of corporate tax loopholes.

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