Local 269

Local 269 Members Turn Out for Lobby Day

Local 269 Members, Family & Friends Show up in Force

On May 24, 2017 Local 269 members showed up in force for the AFSCME Council 4 Lobby Day. This legislative session was rampid with bills attacking state workers, thier benefits and rights for collective bargaining. So members made sure thier representatives knew they are taxpayers, voting constituents and the dissatisfaction with the recent assault on state workers. We are not the largest local in AFSCME but had one of the largest presence there that day. Members informed their representatives that state employees are not the only solution to the budget defict. The fight is not over, there will be a special legislative session and we must all continue make our voices heard at the Capitol. We must do our part to maintain our benefits and save our jobs as we are all the union. Please continue to contact your representatives and senators to remind them that you are a tax paying constituents as well as a state employees and we need a fair budget where those who can afford to should pay more. Also thank those representatives who have fought to protect state services and union rights and jobs. 

Evelyn Rodriguez speaking with representative and Steve Wierbicki in background
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