Medicare Group Advantage: Get the Facts

The tentative agreement between the state union coalition (SEBAC) and the Malloy administration fully protects our hard-earned benefits into retirement.This agreement of course needs to be ratified by state employees.

Effective 1/1/18, the state employee health plan design for Medicare-covered retirees will be delivered through Medicare Advantage.

This upcoming move will preserve all of our existing benefits, and our benefits and network coverage will actually expand as a result of moving to Medicare Advantage. We are not allowing any insurance carrier to set the terms of our plan.

Our plan is set by the SEBAC Agreement and its benefits are not changed by switching to Medicare Advantage as a vehicle for delivering those benefits to Medicare covered retirees — except to the extent we’ve actually been able to make some improvements.

That means you will continue to receive everything that you currently receive with your secondary insurance.

And you will see improved benefits – this plan eliminates the out of network co-pay for Medicare-covered services, and Silver Sneakers will be available to our members as will some other improvements in podiatry and other services.

If you have questions about Medicare Advantage, please email us at

You can also get answers from the SEBAC Medicare Advantage Q/A and the Comptroller's FAQs.