2015 Endorsed Candidates

Nov. 3, 2015 is municipal election day throughout Connecticut.

Here is the list of candidates endorsed for election by Council 4's Delegate Assembly.

1st CD PEOPLE Committee Endorsements:

Luke Bronin, Hartford Mayor
Levey Kardulis, Hartford City Council*
James Sanchez, Hartford City Council*
Wildaliz Bermudez, Hartford City Council
Josh Blanchfield, Hartford City Council
Larry Deutsch, Hartford City Council
Tom Clarke, Hartford City Council
Levey Kardulis, Hartford City Council*
Cynthia Jennings, Hartford City Council
rJo Winch, Hartford City Council

Stephen Gates, Manchester Board of Directors
Margaret Hackett, Manchester Board of Directors
Sarah Jones, Manchester Board of Directors
Rudy Kissmann, Manchester Board of Directors
Jay Moran, Manchester Board of Directors
Tim Bergin, Manchester Board of Directors
Norman DeLaura, Manchester Board of Education
Melanie Stefanovicz, Manchester Board of Education
Warren Packer, Manchester Constable

Carol Anest, Newington Council
Scott Soares, Newington Council
Chris Banach, Newington Mayor
Diana Casasanta Serra, Newington Town Council
Emily Guion, Newington Board of Education
Joshua Shulman, Newington Board of Education
Kevin Borrup, Newington Board of Education
Sharon Braverman, Newington Board of Education*
Cindy Stamm, Newington Board of Education
Dave Wemett, Newington Council

Claudia Baio, Rocky Hill Mayor
Nancy Brescia, Rocky Hill Town Council

John Moise, Southington Board of Finance
Anthony D’Angelo, Southington Town Council
Dave Derynoski, Southington Board of Education

Scott Slifka, West Hartford Council
Ben Wenograd, West Hartford Council

Al Simon, Windsor Town Council
Rachel Rochette, Berlin Mayor

Ellen Zoppo-Sassu, Bristol Mayor
Calvin Brown, Bristol City Council, District 1
Mayra Sampson, Bristol City Council, District 1*
Mary Fortier, Bristol City Council, District 3
Robert Passamano, Bristol City Council, District 3
Morris Patton, Bristol City Council, District 2
Joseph Grabowski, Bristol Board of Education
Karen Hintz, Bristol Board of Education
Thomas O’Brien, Bristol Board of Education
Tina Taylor, Bristol Board of Education
Karen Vibert, Bristol Board of Education
Chris Wilson, Bristol Board of Education

Paul Montinieri, Wethersfield Mayor

2nd CD PEOPLE Committee Endorsements:

Kurt Frantzen, Colchester First Selectman
Rosemary Coyle, Colchester Bd of Selectmen
John Jones, Colchester Bd of Selectmen
Michele Wyatt, Colchester Tax Collector
Vince Rose, Colchester Board of Education
Lisa Thomas, Coventry Council
Thomas Woolf, Coventry Council
Hannah Pietrantonio, Coventry Council*
Ben Funk, Coventry Council
Sam Norman, Coventry Council

Ben Shaiken, Mansfield Council
Toni Moran, Mansfield Council

Elizabeth Davis, Enfield Council, District 3
William “Red” Edgar, Enfield Council, District 2
John Foxx, Enfield Council District 1
Edward Deni, Enfield Council District 4
Tom Arnone, Enfield Council At Large
Virginia Higley, Enfield Council At Large
Kathleen Sarno, Enfield Council At Large

Mike Passero, New London Mayor

Jim Tedford, Vernon Council *
Mike Winkler, Vernon Council
Lynne Ide, Windham Council
Dawn Niles, Windham Council
Luz Osuba, Windham Board of Education
Paul Kalajian, Windham Board of Education
Elanah Sherman, Norwich Council *
Mark Bettencourt, Norwich Council *

Cathy Osten, Sprague First Selectwoman
Peter Davis, Waterford First Selectman

3rd CD PEOPLE Committee Endorsements:

Salvatore Micculla, Middletown Common Council
Gerry Daley, Middletown Common Council
Linda Salafia, Middletown Common Council
& Board of Education
Molly Salafia, Middletown Planning and Zoning
Carl Chisem, Middletown Common Council

Tina Manus, Stratford Council
Beth Daponte, Stratford Council

Jeanette Morrison, New Haven Alder, Ward 22
Rosa Santana, New Haven Alder, Ward 13
Sal DeCola, New Haven Alder, Ward 18
Dolores Colon, New Haven Alder Ward 7
Adam Marchand, New Haven Alder, Ward 25
Tyisha Walker, New Haven Alder Ward 23
Darryl Brackeen, New Haven Alder, Ward 26
Aaron Greenberg, New Haven Alder, Ward 8
Jill Marks, New Haven Alder, Ward 28
Evelyn Rodriguez, New Haven Alder, Ward 4 *
Santiago Berrios-Bones, New Haven Alder, Ward 14
Delphine Clyburn, New Haven Alder, Ward 20
Barbara Constantinople, New Haven Alder, Ward 11

4th CD PEOPLE Committee Endorsements:

Tom Livingston, Norwalk Common Council District E
John Igneri, Norwalk Common Council District E
Laoise King, Norwalk Common Council At-Large
John Metsopoulos, Norwalk Common Council District C
Lisa Nuzzo, Norwalk Board of Education
Harry Rilling, Norwalk Mayor
John Kydes, Norwalk Common Council District C

Karen Jackson, Bridgeport Board of Education
Jeanette Herron, Bridgeport City Council 133rd District *
Tom McCarthy, Bridgeport City Council 133rd District

5th CD PEOPLE Committee Endorsements:

Barbara Bongiolatti, Morris First Selectman

Patrick Kilby, Plainville Town Council *
Tony Tarscio, Plainville Town Council
Rosemary Morante, Plainville Town Council
Foster White, Plainville Board of Education

Eva Bermudez, Newtown Legislative Council

Mike Trueworthy, New Britain City Council
Todd Szabo, New Britain Tax Collector
Ed Edelson, Southbury First Selectman
Steve Dunn, Brookfield First Selectman

John Thorpe, Meriden City Council
Mike Cardona, Meriden City Council
Kevin Scarpaletti, Meriden Mayor

*Denotes Council 4 union member or retiree.