Catch the Next Wave

l-r: Next Wavers Marsha Tulloch, Linda Felix, Devon O'Nalty (kneeling) of Local 269, Matthew Brokman of Council 4, Patrick Kilby of Local 714.

Council 4’s Next Wave Committee is currently recruiting young activists to join the effort to strengthen our union. The committee is part of an effort across our International Union focused on recruiting, training and mentoring AFSCME members age 35 and under.

“The Next Wave Committee plans to initiate educational and mobilization programs for the whole union,” said AFSCME Local 562 member Patrick Kilby. “We hope to be a place where younger members feel they can have a voice in their union.”

At their first meeting in December, the committee agreed to focus on:

“It’s great to have a group of younger committed activists lead us in the fight to rebuild the American Dream,” said Executive Director Sal Luciano. “They are an exciting group of folks that will do a great job carrying on the legacy of AFSCME.”

For more information about the Council 4 Next Wave Committee check out their Facebook page or if you would like to join the committee, contact Matthew Brokman by email, or by phone, (860) 989-9123.