SEBAC and Bargaining Unit Agreement Ratification Schedule

Council 4 AFSCME State Employee Bargaining Units have set up schedules for members to vote on their tentative bargaining unit agreements (wages, layoff protection, other contract issues) and the SEBAC (health & pension) agreement.

Here is the schedule to date. If your local union's schedule is not posted, please contact your local union leadership or Council 4 staff representative for assistance. We will post this information as soon as possible. Thank you.

Remember: Be sure to bring a photo ID and your union membership card, as you must be a member in good standing to vote on the tentative agreements. There is no absentee balloting.

Local 749 Bargaining Unit (Judicial/DCJ/Office of Public Defenders) 
Voting begins electronically on July 16 at 5 p.m.
Or you can in person on July 17 at the Local Union Office in Meriden.

Click here for voting procedures.

NP-3 Clerical Bargaining Unit
All voting on Friday, July 14, 2027 as follows:
Local 196
Local 318
Local 478
Local 562
Local 610
Local 704

NP-4 Corrections Bargaining Unit
All voting on Monday, July 17, 2017 at facilities.
Consult your Local Union Leadership for schedule.

P-2 Human & Social Services Bargaining Unit
(AFSCME Locals 269, 714 & 2663)
All voting on Monday, July 17, 2017:
Click here for complete schedule

Higher Ed Locals 2836, 1214, 2480 and 1588:
Voting taking place. Consult your local leadership.