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Contact your legislators and tell them to stop layoffs and budget cuts before they adjourn on May 4.

Get the latest information on state budget cuts and layoffs, including a guide to help laid off workers and a survey to share the impact of layoffs.

The CT Valley Greenhouse Sale starts April 28, just in time for Mother's Day, thanks to a great collaboration between Local 2663 members and CVH patients.

Looking for stronger representation and advocacy, Town of Waterford supervisors voted to join Council 4.

Council 4 members made their presence felt, and voices heard, during our annual legislative lobby day at the State Capitol in Hartford.

Read how AFSCME Local 1716 member Katrina Edmonds, a City of Hartford dispatcher helped save a caller's life.

Use this site to find a wealth of Council 4 and AFSCME web-related resources, including our constitution, steward handbook, financial standards code and more.

Get the latest state employee updates on pensions, health care and other related issues.
Recent Updates:
Laid Off by Malloy? Know Your Rights
Online Survey for Laid Off C4 Members
How to Calculate Your Seniority
NP-3 Administrative-Clerical Seniority List
NP-4 Corrections Seniority List
P-2 Social & Human Services Seniority List
Local 749 Judicial/DCJ/Public Defender Seniority List

Get the highlights of our 2016 biennial convention held April 9 in Farmington.

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