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2016 Council 4 Candidates Endorsements - CT General Assembly

Here is the list of Council 4-endorsed candidates for the Connecticut General Assembly, as recommended by our PEOPLE political action committee members and approved by the Council 4 Delegate Assembly on Sept. 30. Election Day is Nov. 8, 2016. (Candidates in bold are Council 4 members.)

Congressional District 1:
Saud Anwar – 14th State Representative District
Joe Aresimowicz – 30th State Rep. District
Laura Bartok – 77th State Representative District Beth Bye – 5th State Senate District
Steve Cassano – 4th State Senate District
Michelle Cook – 65th State Representative District
Tim Curtis – 60th State Representative District
Joe Diminico – 13th State Representative District
Kelly Luxenberg – 12th State Rep. District
Russ Morin – 28th State Representative District
Krystal Myers – 78th State Representative District
Mike Nicastro – 31st State Senate District
Matt Ritter – 1st State Representative District
Derek Slap – 19th State Representative District
Josh Shulman – 27th State Representative District
Ed Vargas – 6th State Representative District
Joe Verrengia – 20th State Representative District
Dave Zoni – 81st State Representative District

Congressional District 2:
David Alexander – 58th State Rep. District
Arlene Avery – 35th State Rep. District
Katherine Bachiochi – 52nd State Rep. District
Tim Bowles – 18th State Senate District
Pat Boyd – 50th State Representative District
Christine Conley – 40th State Rep. District
Tom Currier – 8th State Representative District
Joe DelaCruz – 41st State Representative District
Tony DiPace – 59th State Representative District
Kate Donnelly – 47th State Representative District
Susan Eastwood – 53rd State Rep. District
Mae Flexer – 29th State Senate District
Gregg Haddad – 54th State Representative District
Ryan Henowitz – 20th State Senate District
Annie Hornish – 7th State Senate District
Linda Orange – 48th State Representative District
Cathy Osten – 19th State Senate District
Christine Randall – 44th State Rep. District
Emmett Riley – 46th State Rep. District
Kevin Ryan – 139th State Rep. District
Jim Tedford – 56th State Rep. District

Congressional District 3:
James Albis, 99th State Rep. District
Joe Crisco, 17th State Senate District
Theresa Conroy, 105th State Rep. District
Patricia Dillon, 92nd State Rep. District
Mike DiMassa, 116th State Rep. District
Josh Elliott, 88th State Representative District
Ted Kennedy Jr., 12th State Senate District
Matt Lesser, 100th State Rep. District
Sean Ronan – 117th State Rep. District
Kim Rose, 118th State Representative District

Congressional District 4:
Ed Gomes – 23rd State Senate District
Jack Hennessey – 127th State Rep. District
Cristin McCarthey-Vahey - 133rd State Rep. District
Marilyn Moore – 22nd State Senate District
Christopher Perone – 137th State Rep. District
Christopher Rosario – 128th State Rep. District

Congressional District 5:
Catherine Abercrombie- 83rd State Rep. District
David Arconti, 109th State Rep. District
Dante Bartolomeo - 13th State Senate District
Jeff Berger - 73rd State Rep. District
Elizabeth Boukus - 22nd State Rep. District
Gayle Carr - 66th State Rep. District
Mike Demicco - 21st State Rep. District
Terry Gerratana - 6th State Senate District
Bob Godfrey - 110th State Rep. District
Kenneth Gucker - 24th State Senate District
David Lawson - 30th State Senate District
Liz Linehan - 103rd State Rep. District
Rick Lopes - 24th State Representative District
Bill Riiska -64th State Representative District
Ryan Rogers - 16th State Senate District
Robert Sanchez - 25th State Rep. District
Hilda Santiago -84th State Representative District
Peter Tercyak - 26th State Representative District
Jeffrey Tomchik - 138th State Representative District
Myrna Watanabe - 76th State Representative District
Eva Zimmerman - 106th State Representative District

AFSCME National Federal Candidate Endorsements

U.S. President:
Hillary Clinton

U.S. Senate:
Richard Blumenthal

U.S. House of Representatives:
John Larson (1st Congressional District)
Joe Courtney (2nd Congressional District)
Rosa DeLauro (3rd Congressional DIstrict)
Elizabeth Esty (5th Congressional District)

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