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AFSCME Corrections Union Leader Comments on Murder of New York City Corrections Officer

For Immediate Release

Dec. 6, 2016

State Corrections Officer Rudy Demiraj, President of AFSCME Local 387, representing front line employees at the Cheshire Correctional Complex, issued this statement about the off-duty execution of Alastasia Bryan, a 25-year-old Corrections Officer on the evening of Dec. 4:

“AFSCME Local 387 mourns the tragic and senseless death of Officer Alastasia Bryan. She was a fellow sister in blue – a dedicated public servant who chose at a young age to walk a tough and dangerous beat to protect her fellow staff and her community.

“The brutal murder of Officer Bryant is a blow to the entire public safety community, because a fatal injury to one is a fatal injury to all. We grieve for her family and her co-workers at the New York City Department of Correction. As a union, we intend to help Officer Bryan’s family and sustain her memory in this time of terrible tragedy.”

Contributions in memory of Corrections Officer Bryan can be send to AFSCME Local 387, 1842 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike, PO Box 679, Milldale, CT 06467, to be forwarded to the Bryan family.

Media contact: Larry Dorman (860) 989-9127 or ldorman@council4.org

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