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Latest on Rowland Lawsuit Settlement

If you were affected by the 2003 Rowland layoffs, you should receive a packet in the mail from the law offices of Silver, Golub, and Teitell LLP in the near future. This is the law firm that has been handling SEBAC’s lawsuit against the Rowland Administration.

As part of the ongoing efforts to settle this court case, the law firm is looking to ensure they have the entire class of people affected and in what category of harm they fall into. In order to do so, they need those affected to supply them information.

Affected employees will fall into one of the following classifications:

1. Employees who received a layoff notice in 2002 or 2003 and were laid off and never returned to state employment;

2. Employees who received a layoff notice in 2002 or 2003 and were laid off and subsequently returned to state employment in the same or a lesser paying position;

3. Employees who received a layoff notice and elected to take early retirement;

4. Employees who received a layoff notice but were able to bump a less senior employee and obtain a lesser paying position (or position at the same grade that required travel or other additional expenses);

5. Employees who were bumped out of their positions by more senior employees who received layoff notices and who then fall into one of the four categories listed above.

Once you receive this packet, please complete the questionnaire and return it per the directions on the letter to Silver, Golub, and Teitell, LLP.

If you fall into one of these classifications and do not receive a packet from Silver, Golub, and Teitell, LLP you can contact Martha Jackson at 877-731-9050 or via email at mjackson@sgtlaw.com. Email is preferred where possible.



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