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Anthem-Hartford Health Care Dispute

Amid Contract Fight between Anthem and Hartford Health Care, State of Connecticut makes arrangements to preserve in-network status for those on state health plans.

The insurance company Anthem BlueCross & BlueShield and Hartford Health Care have been in negotiations over payments from Anthem to Hartford Health Care.

If no agreement is reached before their current contract expires on September 30th, 2014, Hartford Health Care’s hospitals, facilities, and physicians will go out of network for most Anthem customers on October 1st.

Hartford Health Care’s remaining facilities will go out of network on November 1st.

According to a leaflet being distributed by Hartford Health Care, stating October 1st, the following facilities will be “out-of-network” for Anthem Customers:

  • Hartford Hospital
  • The Hospital of Central Connecticut
  • MidState Medical Center
  • The William W. Backus Hospital
  • Windham Hospital
  • The Institute of Living
  • Jefferson House

Stating November 1st, the following facilities will be “out-of-network” for Anthem Customers:

  • Natchaug Hospital
  • Rushford
  • VNA HealthCare
  • Southington Care Center
  • Jerome Home

Hopefully Anthem and Hartford Health Care will have a new contract in place before October 1, but the State of Connecticut tells us that they have made interim arrangements with Anthem and Hartford Health Care to keep the state’s plan in-network if the two sides fail to reach an agreement.

These interim arrangements are never perfect since not everyone in the system will get the message. If you are told you will be out of network, inform the Hartford Health Care personnel to speak with their bosses.

Physicians affiliated with Hartford Healthcare are not affected by this directly so our members should not have any issues getting preventive or other office visits in the middle of all of this.

Questions? Call the state retirement health unit at 860-702-3533, or email your Council 4 union at info@council4.org. Be sure to tell us which state local union you belong to.

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