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HEP Bonus Information for State Employees

If you, or a family member on your State medical insurance, have one of the five chronic conditions and complied with the requirements of the HEP disease-management program, you are entitled to a $100 bonus that was to be included in your Feb. 22 paycheck.

For those active state employees who thought they should have received a HEP Chronic Care Bonus, the Comptroller’s Office has set up process for members to report non-payment.

Employees should email osc.cthep@po.state.ct.us or call 860-702-3560 (this is a voice mail box for HEP issues).

Be sure to email or leave in the voice mailbox their name, employee ID number, phone number and indicate that they did not receive a HEP payment.

The Office of the State Comptroller has informed us that the chronic conditions of children did not qualify families for a $100 HEP check. A meeting of labor and management will be held at the Comptroller's Office today to review this situation.

Click here for the stipulated agreement covering these payments and a listing of the five chronic conditions.

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