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"Where's the Fairness?"

Local 1303-025 President Mark Krauchik

The Seymour High School cafeteria took on the color of AFSCME Green March 2 when Rep. Themis Klarides (R-114), Rep. Nicole Klarides-Ditria (R-105) and Sen. Kevin Kelly (R-21st) co-sponsored a Town Hall-style meeting on developments at the Connecticut General Assembly.

Members of our Town of Seymour Bargaining Units (AFSCME Local 1303-025, Board of Education Custodians; Local 1303-024, Public Works; and Local 1303-240, Town Hall)  turned out in force to question their legislators about the explosion of anti-labor bills raised for public hearing, including proposals to scale back public employee pay, benefits and bargaining rights.

"We are the ones that protect your neighborhoods, teach your children and clear the roads of the snow,' said Mark Krauchick, President of AFSCME Local 1303-025, Seymour Board of Education Custodians. "When you try to take money out of our pockets, it causes us to spend less at our local restaurants, our local corner store, our local businesses."

Council 4 members are urging legislators to consider better choices, including revenue options, to help Connecticut's economy.

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We need to continue to make our voices heard. Be sure to participate March 24 when the legislature's Appropriations Committee will raise several bills that attack our rights and our future.

  • Click here to download a flyer on the March 24 event.
Seymour Town Hall and Board of Ed Union members.

As always, make sure your legislators hear from you. Click here and thell them to oppose proposals attacking our pay, retirement and bargaining rights.

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